Lord, we need a friend in these difficult days & we are glad that You are a friend Who sticks closer than a brother or sister. Represented here are all those that came before me parents, grandparents, ancestors, all those that come after me, children, grandchildren, fetuses, but today we are grateful for today, the present, for it truly is a gift from God.
So Lord today, we gather as thanks givers to give thanks to You The Blessings-Giver! We want to be like the one leper in The Bible who returned to give You thanks & not like the other nine who did not. Lord, Your primary desire toward us is to bless us, Your Word, The Bible, mentions many blessings. You created us as male & female & blessed us saying, “Be fruitful & multiply & replenish the earth”. You even blessed the animals & the earth itself several times in Your Holy Word. You also sent Your only begotten Son Jesus to bless us. And Jesus’ final act while He was on earth was to bless those in attendance at His ascencion. You mercifully allow us to pass through difficult times in order to bless us again & again. During this season we look around us & see bountiful blessings. And so on this Thanksgiving Day Lord we thank you for all Your blessing giving & as The Bible says we “Bless You Lord & forget not all Your benefits. For amongst so much You satisfy our mouth with good things; so that our youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” Lord, we give You thanks less than You bless us, but today we offer thanks for giving us more blessings than we could ever thank You for.

In The Name of Your Most Precious Blessing & Gift please satisfy our mouths today so that we might satisfy You with our dedicated lives. In Jesus Name, Amen & Amen!

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