Thoughts of Thanks

We think God today,

We thank God today.

We think thankful thoughts today Lord

For Your multiple blessings.


All around this country,

All around this world,

Is suffering and strife.

We strive to remember all caught up in bad times;

Help us to not get so wrapped up

In our stuffing, our sports,

Celebrating our entertainment, our selfies,

And our overall selfishness.


As the new American President Lyndon Johnson asked for our help

And God’s help on that fateful day 50 years ago,

So let us be there to help all.


May we be full of thoughtfulness and thankfulness.

May we be full of thoughtfulness for those less fortunate,

And full of thankfulness for what You have provided:

For faith in You God,

For family, and for friends,

Who help us make it through the tough times;

For this food that sustains us,

Give us this day our daily bread,

And turkey, and dressing, and

For when we’re stressed God you provide

The desserts and many benefits.


We think thanks for our work,

For the will to work,

For the Way You have provided for us,

Both today and at the cross.

In Jesus giving Name we thankfully pray,



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