God’s Book of Prayers: Each & Every Prayer in the Bible

all the prayers catergorized

“God’s Book of Prayers” lists all the prayers of the Bible separated into nine categories for convenient reading. Many prayer books have been written; however “God’s Book of Prayers” lists only prayers that God Himself has written!

“God’s Book of Prayers” and “The Lord’s Prayers” offer elementary analysis of all the prayers for better understanding of the whole of the prayers in God’s Book, including the most common words in biblical praying. These volumes will help you to easily be able to pray God’s Own Words!

Bible Prayers Series is a must have
for those who really want to
enhance their passion and
expression of love for God
through prayer.”
—Christine Brooks Martin,
bestselling author of
“Pray What God Says”
and “Talk to God with
Affirmations of Faith”

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