The Gaying of America and The Love of God

What does God say about homosexuality? How does this differ from what society says? Is homosexuality wrong? Does God hate gays? Rarely will you encounter a book which speaks both of the love of God and homosexuality. Homosexuality usually elicits blasts of judgment from the religious community, and not love.

The Gaying of America and the Love of God reconciles these three seemingly opposing topics explaining how God views the behaviors of His most precious creation, humanity. Jesus’ response when confronted with sexual misgivings is telling of what the religious community’s attitude should be on this exploding topic. An examination of Abraham also reveals a surprising reaction from the patriarch of three of the world’s largest religions.

What influence will gay marriage have on the fate of the United States of America? This book brings God’s perspective to this conversation, in an attempt to bring all communities together, including those in the LGBT community. A truly prophetic call to the church and to the modern world.

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